Looking for the best wedding entertainment? Look no further! Nicolas performs at over 60 weddings every year all over the country and in Europe.

Having a wedding magician would be the perfect way to keep your guests entertained throughout the day and it adds something special. It is not all about the magic but also entertainment. You want your friends and family to remember your day and this is what Nicolas would do. The “magic” can happen at different times of the day. See below to find out more.

  • Drinks reception / photographs

The perfect ice breaker. Not everyone is involved with the pictures and this a very good time to have the wedding magician to perform. Nicolas would walk around amongst your guest and entertain them with fast and visual magic.

  • The meal

Nicolas would perform a show at each tables between courses mixing magic with money and bottles, mind reading and pick pocket.

This is ideal as it involves everyone and you get to hear your guests and family having fun.

Dan & Sarah's Wedding at The Old Kent Barn     Dan & Sarah's Wedding at The Old Kent Barn

  • Evening reception

Great time for Nicolas to perform as it gets quiet before people hit the dance floor and new guests start to arrive.

So when is it best to have the magician? Most people would book Nicolas to perform during the meal and either the drink reception or evening. Please do get in touch to discuss your event in details and Nicolas can advice you.