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"Truly mind-blowing... We absolutely loved it!!!

Can't believe you can do it all virtually!"

Will L.

Accenture UK

Are you looking to add some "virtual entertainment" to an office party, an online conference, staff meeting, birthday or a family reunion ? Nicolas offers a unique virtual and fully interactive experience, mixing magic and mind reading. Nicolas has designed, created and put together effects especially for this new type of performance. He has performed over 400 virtual shows for clients in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia such as The United Nations, JP Morgan, Starbucks, UNICEF, Deutsche Bank... Some effects can also be customised with your company logo or by using keywords, USP or key messages. Everyone will get involved. Click here to receive a quote within minutes.

How does it work ?
A show can last 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes or 1 hour. You can use your favourite platform and invite Nicolas to your event or Nicolas can organise it. 

Why Nicolas ?
Nicolas has been trusted to perform at some of the most prestigious events in UK and across the globe. He is probably the only magician who has been booked to perform privately alongside David Blaine, Penn & Teller and Dynamo. His magic is modern, fun and entertaining. Still not sure ? Why not have a chat with Nicolas and a quick demo ?  Click the link bellow and Nicolas will get in touch.


No limit on the number of participants

Includes an interactive trick for everyone to do at home 

Available 24 / 7 - Wherever you are in the world

Easy booking process - pay by card in your currency

20 mins to 1hr show

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